WFMAD Day 18 – Revision Roadmap

The process of Boiling Down The Bones (aka Revision) is the hardest part of the writing process to teach, but I'll give a shot. I'm starting with one massive assumption – you understand that nobody writes a publishable first draft and everyone's work can be made better with revision. For the record, my novels usually go […]

WFMAD Day 17 – The Bones of Writing – Part 2

  People sometimes ask me to quantify how much time I spend in the different stages of the writing process. That’s a tough question. If you held my favorite teddy bear hostage and forced me to answer, I’d say roughly 5% goes to Pondering and Mucking Around, 15% is spent Scribbling, 70% is Boiling Down […]

WFMAD Day 15 – Should You Censor Yourself?

  Banned Books Week kicks off today which makes this a great time to discuss writing about sensitive topics. Should you think about the possibility that your book will be censored? What are your responsibilities to your readers?     When I was writing SPEAK, I never thought that it might be censored. The possibility that the book […]

WFMAD Day 14 – The Magic Word That Destroys Writer’s Block

  Sorry for the delay in this post, you guys. Some random, flatulant demon farted near an underground cable yesterday and temporarily removed my website from the Internet. A crew of dedicated technicians expelled the demon and worked feverishly through the night and so here we are. Thanks for your patience. (If you ever see a demon in the […]